tsu photo by andram.be

pic by andram

Ok, beating around the bush never was my forte so this is the deal : after 5 of the most insane, inspiring, intense and coolest years of my life I have to quit The Setup. Choices and harsh decisions had to be made but that’s just part of life. There’s no regrets, no tears goodbye.

I loved and love this band more than life itself, I love what this band gave to me, I treasure every experience and story of the last five years. This band was always top of mind, my first priority in everything I did. We all made some serious sacrifices to do this band the way we wanted it, we lost friends and lovers, we missed out on opportunities that any sane person would jump to take... Hell, I made those sacrifices with a smile and jumped in headfirst without looking back. But at a moment in life where I’m no longer in a position to make the same sacrifices, to put the same time, energy and passion in TSU that I feel is feel necessary there was no other way then to part ways.

So I wish to thank all of you for the support, the sing-along’s, the mosh the crazy shows, the hangouts, the good times. I hope some of you will come by at the last shows I’ll do. Also I wish to thank all the people I worked together with during those five years: all at GSR, MAD Tourbooking, Reality Records, EyeSpy, AM Records, all the promotors, the magazines... And of course I wish to express my gratitude and love for my brothers Andries, Raf, Serch, Michiel, Krikke and Benja for an unforgettable ride. I feel privileged and proud to have been part of TSU, a group of people that always stayed true to nothing but themselves and their music but at the same time as a band was always more than five individuals. That’s why I feel The Setup HAS to continue, that’s why I feel TSU still has some important things to say, has some more great records to write, has some more insane touring to do. And rest assured they will!

I’m thrilled Kris took over for me, he’s a great friend and an inspiring personality. I couldn’t leave “my words” behind with anyone better. I’m anxious to find out what great stuff he and the rest of the band have in mind for us all to enjoy. I’ll find out with all of you, no longer in front of you but together, in front of the stage. Peace!

Never bow down!