Hello Everybody

28.09.2006 – Hello Everybody

A quick update about our first days in the studio and I ‘m proud to announce that there were no problems during the first days, we recorded drums. Serch did a good job at the CCR studio’s and all the drumtracks were easily recorded during the time that was scheduled. 11 songs and one cover song were tracked which will be used for our upcoming split 7″ with Zero Mentality. A big thanks to Jonas from Lost in Rhone to lend us his custom made bass drum and to Youri from the defunct Calibre for his entire kit and cymbals. Ace as usual likes to record it Zec-style which means: more drumkits are better.

The recording of the bass are up next, which makes me kinda nervous because I have to lay down the tracks. We will be heading to Ace his own upgraded studio for this and for the rest of the recordings, so Oostkamp, here we come.

In other news, check out the tour section, because we have a tour coming up and dates are being booked as we speak.

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