Minister of Death Released


After a weekend full of amazing release-shows, one can only be grateful to everybody who made all this happen. It was definitely the kind of welcome every band hopes for so you can all be damn sure we will remember this for a very long time. Thanks to Zero Mentality, Break and Enter, Pushed Too Far, Newgate Potential, Shredder and No Recess for playing on those shows.

To those who missed out, you can find some pictures about last weekend on the following sites:

So the record is out now and is available in most record shops. Don’t hesitate to order it at your local record store if they don’t have it. The first pressing has an extra dvd included and believe me if I say this piece of art deserves a place in every dvd-collection. We did some interviews in order to promote the new record and we’re also getting our first reviews back and so far it seems people are digging the new shit.

To all the vinyl-Lovers, the records can arrive any day now, so keep on checking this site and Reality Records for this. There’s some cool coloured wax for those who are quick enough.

Furthermore, we’re preparing ourselves for our winter tour with Born From Pain, First Blood and Bloodlined Calligraphy. The bigger part of March, we will be driving across Europe and we can hardly wait to get on the road again. Check the dates in the tour-section.

Last but not least, Demons Run Amuck Records from Germany is releasing a split 7” with our boys in Zero Mentality this weekend. I hope we’ll be able to get our hands on a couple of copies. From the pictures we saw, it’s going to have a killer layout, so while you’re at it, make sure to pick that one up.

See you all soon and check out No Recess. 16 year olds bringing the rage.

So say we all


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