Release show + new recordings

Dear all,

First of all we want to thank everybody that came to our release show last friday. It was amazing and we had a blast. Cool sets from all the bands that played. It was cool to hang out with our friends and see everyone going nuts during our set. We’re glad the Crawl & Reign ep is finally out. We heard some cool stuff about it already and are happy people like the new stuff.

As you might have noticed, the new website is online. Keep on checking this for show updates and news. We also have a blog so we can keep posting some stuff that’s on our mind while we’re on the road or in the studio.

Right now we are in the studio in Denmark together with Jacob Olsen who worked with Born From Pain, Hatesphere, Moonspell, Gorefest, … . So we’re really stoked to be here. We got about 13 songs we want to record and we’ll see which ones will make the album, only the heaviest of the heavy will make the cut. Expect some in your face material. This time we really want to bring the vibe from our live shows on to the recordings in order to bring you the heaviest and most aggressive material we ever wrote. We’re raising the bar very high for ourselves on this one. Check out recording updates on the blog and our youtube channel:

stay hard, stay true!


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