Suffer, and don’t you bitch about the pain

There’s not that much to tell right now, but to keep this thing alive, we have to feed it sometimes, don’t we. So here we go.

Two weeks ago we had a very nice time in Odense, Denmark. It’ sometimes good to go up north to realise how lucky we are with the Belgian weather, because it was damn cold over there. Nevertheless, we survived, had a good show and we ended the weekend in style when we played Hamburg together with our good friends in Zero Mentality. Hamburg equals reeperbahn and reeperbahn equals good times and if you don’t believe me…

By now, you probably heard about Zero Mentality’s line-up changes, but word on the street is that they are very close to finding the suited replacement for Dom, part-time apple squeezer and also guitarist in Born From Pain. Let it be clear that “Dolph Lundgren” will be missed! Anyway, we are planning some shows with them in May, so if people are interested in booking both The Setup and Zero Mentality, please contact us or the people at MAD. It’s too soon to tell more about that, but we’ll keep you posted.

Concerning the new record. It’s probably going to come out early 2007. We will be recording somewhere in November and if everything goes as planned, we probably will be working once again with Ace Zec, the wizard that produced The Pretense of Normality. We already started writing songs, so you can expect some new songs in the near future. Also, our part-time drummer Serch is now playing drums for Liar on their tour with The Black Dahlia Murder. We’d like to wish Hans, Matthias and all the other guys in Liar good luck.

In the meantime, please do checkout the new split cd from our friends in Autumn Delay and the Black Heart Rebellion. You can get it through offerandumrecords.

Strength & Honor


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