Hey kiddos,

A quick what’s up! The nice people at MAD hooked us up with some very cool shows this week in Germany. We’ll be playing with Madball, H2O, Walls of Jericho and Murphy’s Law. If you’re in the area come over and hang out with us! These are the dates:

16.06.2005 – Germany – Darmstadt – w/ Walls of Jericho
17.06.2005 – Germany – COTTBUS – w/ Madball and H20
18.06.2005 – Germany – Berlin – w/ Murphy’s Law

And don’t forget next week we’ll be playing shows with Terror and Merauder in Holland, so come and check that out because those bands kill it. And off course everybody is going to the Morda release show in Bruges on june 29!! I want to see 800 kids bashing skulls that night! The dates:

23.06.2005 – Holland – Nijmegen – doornroosje w/ No Turning Back, Terror
24.06.2005 – Holland – Sneek – bolwerk w/ Merauder
29.06.2005 – Belgium – Magdalena Zaal – Morda (Cd-release) w/ Morda, Liar, Severance

Check out the updated show list for all the other shows we have planned this summer.

The vinyl version of “The Pretense Of Normality” will be released on Reality Records and hopefully will hit the stores in July. The layout will contain the original artwork. It’s going to be a gatefold LP and Sven (dirge design) will take care of the final lay-outing. So for all you vinyl-lovers who haven’t picked up the new record yet, now is your chance!

That’s it for now! But we can’t leave you kids without the obligatory namedroppig part. So if you want a break from studying listen to the think it through demo and if you’re done with your exams go to the first break and enter show, on june 19th at de link in Hasselt!

peace out!


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