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What’s up everybody

It’s been a long time since our last update and it looks we’re totally heading to the situation we’re just one of those many bands that don’t update their website. It sucks, we know.

However, some of you might know that we normally would leave for tour at the end of this month with Ramallah. Unfortunately, they had to cancel their entire tour, which is a disappointment for a lot of people, myself included, but these things happen. Therefore April will be a very calm month for us because we had to cancel all the April–shows. We once again apologize to all the promoters who had to find replacement bands, but it was obviously a chance we had to take although it turned out differently.

Nevertheless, we’re going to use those weeks to work some more on new songs. The clock is ticking and there’s still a lot of work to do. We already had a talk with producer Ace Zec concerning the new record and everything has to be ready by the end of November.

Concerning possible tour plans, the good people at MAD are working on some replacement shows for us in May. It’s too early to start dropping names and dates, but as soon as it gets confirmed, you’ll be the first to know it. Of course we’re still supporting the Path of Resistance on their short trip. For dates, check the toursection.

This weekend we’ll be playin our last shows for a couple of weeks. On Friday we’ll be playing Castricum (Hol) with Nothing Done, Samaritan and Fight Fight Fight and on Saturday we have a show in Hove with our brothers from another mother Malkovich. Let it be clear we’re totally stoked for that. Please do visit their website, download their new video and try to prove us wrong.

On top of that, Lords and the mighty Coliseum are also playing this show so what do you want more! We hope to see you all.

Take Care


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