Spreading the hardcore reality

Yo people what’s up?

We’re currently writing new material for our next album. We want to raise the bar once again, so we’re really planning to go the distance for the next album. Stoked trying out new stuff.

In the meanwhile we’re playing some shows across Europe in the next couple of weeks, so check out our schedule to find out if we’re somewhere in your neighborhood anytime soon.

This February we’re planning to tour Europe again. This time we’re taking Shaped by Fate (UK) and Last Hope (Bul) with us. We’re really looking forward touring with those bands. There are plans to do a UK tour and go back to the Balkan too. So be on the lookout for those dates.

For kids planning to come to our shows a quick question, what TSU songs do you wanna hear? Let us know! If we like the requests, maybe we’ll play them.

Oh yeah, the new Madball album is gonna hit the streets in a couple of days, it’s called ‘Empire’ and you should check it out!

Be safe and remember Hardcore still lives!

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