We’re almost at the end of this crazy summer and we’re preparing ourselves to get on tour at the end of this month in support of Deathwish’s The Power and The Glory. A pretty intense band, so we’ll have to do our best not to be blown away!

Last update I mentioned Kristof from Chimaera filling in on guitar for this tour, in the meantime, it was decided that the mighty Koen from Chimaera would take care of the guitars and as we speak, chances are pretty high Raf will get permission from his job to do the whole tour. This all, just to let you know, playing in a hardcore-band can be damn complicated and there are no certainties whatsoever!

More importantly, we’re very proud to announce that the nice people at MAD will be taking care of our bookings in the near future. From now on, if you want to book us at a show, please email ute@mad-tourbooking.de. They will take care of everything and don’t be afraid about us suddenly demanding big bottles of Jägermeister and naked women. We’re a hardcoreband, so it’s all good.

We also got some new zipups and some new longsleeves coming up, both of them created by Sven from Dirge Design, so you know, shit’s gonna look amazing!

This Saturday, we’re playing The Lintfabriek with Troublelovesus, Die My Demon and the mysterious Arcade amongst others, so if you’re in for a party, make sure you get there. On Sunday we’re doing a very cosy Sunday Matinee in Breda with our friends
in Born From Pain and Dark Intentions. Hopefully, we’ll see some familiar faces there as well.

And to end all this with our usual commercial break: the new Ringworm record is coming out pretty soon and it’s no surprise it’s awesome. More metal, more aggression, more justice replaced by revenge!

Strength & Honor


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