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New track “Burn” and release date

We just released “Burn”, a new track from our upcoming album “This Thing Of Ours”. The album will be released on May 31st and we’re working together with BDHW records for this album.

Upcoming album and new video

Although fate has dealt us a surprising hand of cards, we always managed to turn it to our advantage. And so it is that we find ourselves at the end of 2012 with a period of intense writing, rehearsing and playing shows behind us. The result is a brand new album, called ‘This Thing Of […]

Winter tour 2011

We’re getting ready to leave on our European tour in a couple of days. We’re all siked to hit the road again and meet up with old friends and getting to know new ones. Check out the dates and make sure you come out and have a blast. We will be spreading the hardcore reality, […]

Spreading the hardcore reality

Yo people what’s up? We’re currently writing new material for our next album. We want to raise the bar once again, so we’re really planning to go the distance for the next album. Stoked trying out new stuff. In the meanwhile we’re playing some shows across Europe in the next couple of weeks, so check […]

Summer update

Summer’s almost over, I think it is already over if you look outside, the weather is just horrible. Oh well, we had a blast this summer, we played a bunch of awesome shows and festivals and had the chance to play with some great bands again like Cro-mags, Agnostic Front, Converge, Sworn Enemy, Strength Approach, […]

Madball is all I need!

Wow, it took us about more than 1 month to completely recover from what happened to us in february/march. The Rebellion tour was absolutely amazing! Great bands and great people. Shows were amazing, we got good reactions and support from everyone. Always cool that people check out opening bands. We want to thank everyone that […]

Balkan tour

Last month we toured the Balkan together with Born From Pain. It was great finally playing in those countries for the first time. We had a good time and met some awesome people. Kids were really supportive of both bands. They’re not as spoiled as the rest of Europe. Here are some pics I took […]

Upcoming tours!

The summer is long gone and after playing a couple of really cool festivals we’re ready to bring on more mayhem in winter time. For the first time in our existence we’re playing some shows in Eastern-Europe. We’ll be embarking on this adventure in December together with our good friends from Born From Pain. Dates […]

Torchbearer mp3 online + release shows

Dear all, We’re proud to announce that ‘Torchbearer’ will hit the stores on June 12. Preorders have started, so head over to the GSR website and get some free stuff with the special preorder package. A lot of people were siked about the teasers we put on our youtube channel. We’re really siked about this […]

The Torchbearer cometh 2

Dear friends, We revealed another teaser vid for our upcoming album ‘Torchbearer’ which will be available in June on GSR.  Check it out. We will put an mp3 on line in the next couple of weeks. You can check out the artwork here. The tracklist will be as follows: torchbearer hostile eyes dust of ages […]

The Torchbearer cometh

Yo what’s up. We’ve been busy recording our new album in the last couple of weeks. We’re now in the process of mixing it and I must say we’re really happy with how it turned out. Jacob did a great job on giving us the sound we were looking for. The album will be titled […]

Release show + new recordings

Dear all, First of all we want to thank everybody that came to our release show last friday. It was amazing and we had a blast. Cool sets from all the bands that played. It was cool to hang out with our friends and see everyone going nuts during our set. We’re glad the Crawl […]