Dear all

We’re leaving on our tour with Ringworm tomorrow so we’re all pretty siked, and plain nervous as well. All the new merch is ready and looks good. New shirts, new hoodies and zip up sweaters and most importantly: girlies! Also, we may or may not be selling the new record, but it depends on the pressing plant so let’s hope we’ll get them on time.

After the Ringworm-shows we play 4 shows without Krikke. Due to job-obligations he’s not able to play the shows, so we asked long time friend of the band Dries from old Reply-fame to fill in. It’s a great situation, because with him, we got three “dries”-names in the band. It just doesn’t get cooler than this. A couple of days later we will hit the UK for a tour with Think it Through and The 7th Cross. This time Benjamin will be replaced by the one and only Serch, due to a big promotion at work. I know, it gets pretty confusing, but you know what they say about the rhythm section…these are the ones you can replace.


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