As March is coming to an end, the release date of our record is coming closer. GSR will officially release the record on the 26th of May. Nevertheless, as promised, we will have some limited amount of cd’s for sale during the weeks prior to the release.

We can also announce that we will do a release-show for the album on the 21st of May at JH Horizont/Meerhout. Other bands playing that night are our boys in Think it Through, the mighty No Turning Back and the technically skilled Sparkle of Hope. Besides that show we’re also working on another release-show in another awesome part of this beautiful country. Expect more details in the following weeks

But since it’s all about the music you guys and girls should be thrilled to hear we will launch the first MP3 of the upcoming album somewhere next week! You can also expect a new site pretty soon so you can say goodbye to our pastel coloured website, I admit, it will be missed.

Some show-news: tonight we will be playing de Centrale in Ghent with The Dillinger Escape Plan and Amen Ra. Only three bands, so what more do you want. This weekend we will also do the last part of the Paint The Town Red / Solid Ground Tour. This Friday we play Tilburg and the next day it’s off to Herten/Germany.

As usual, we have to brainwash you all with something we think is cool, so today we want you all to dig the new Think it Through-demo. It will be up for sale in a couple of weeks, so you know what to do!


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