Best Wishes for 2006!!

We hope 2006 will be as cool as 2005! This year was amazing for us! We got to release our album, played some awesome shows, met some really cool people and had good times on all our roadtrips. We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who made this possible and anyone who had an interest in what we did!

Right now we’re taking a little break, but we’ll be back on track starting next week with shows in Denmark and Germany. Last shows we played were the GSR showcases in November-December. The showcases were fun and we hope there’s more of that in 2006! It was great hanging out with our friends from Zero Mentality, Knuckledust, Black Friday ’29, Liar, Apokalypse now, the GSR crew and all the people that showed up, good times! Unfortionately Dries managed to sprain both his ankles during those shows…he’s getting old. So don’t laugh too hard if you see him walking funny on stage.

So what’s in store for 2006? Well more of the same, you can see us on a stage in a town near you, no doubt about that! In April we’re doing a couple of shows with the Path of Resistance during their short visit in Europe. We’re also gonna start writing new material for a new album which we want to record by the end of the year. No worries, we’ll be testing the moshability of the new stuff on you guys in a couple of months, be patient.

That’s it for now. Keep on checking the site for more updates.

Be safe! Be cool! Be true!

Take care,


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