Madball is all I need!

Wow, it took us about more than 1 month to completely recover from what happened to us in february/march. The Rebellion tour was absolutely amazing! Great bands and great people. Shows were amazing, we got good reactions and support from everyone. Always cool that people check out opening bands. We want to thank everyone that showed up and supported this. And off course everyone on the tour that made this thing an amazing experience. Much love!

Cruel Hand, Terror and Madball are working on new albums, so keep your ears to the ground!


Next up: the summer! We will be playing a whole bunch of shows this summer. If we’re not playing anywhere near you, go to your local promotor and make it happen, or just do it yourself! We have shows with Agnostic Front, Cro-Mags, Earth Crisis and a couple of fests. Life is good. Check out the schedule.

We’re also working on a tour this fall/winter and we vaguely are thinking about some riffs that we want to write for any future releases.

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