Minister of Death

Welcome to the brand new website of your favourite band. Thanks to Raf, we could keep this in house, which probably saved us enough money to buy a small van, something we also should consider doing in the near future.

Anyway, 2007 will be a busy year for us. The next 12 months will be filled with lots of shows, weekend-trips and a couple of tours all in order to bring the rage and promote our new record “Minister of Death”.

But first we have our two release shows coming up this Friday and Saturday. Needless to say we’re stoked for that.

Good bands, good venues, cheap entrances and hopefully some good vibes are what we’re aiming for. Hopefully, a lot of you boys and girls will show up.

Last but not least, we can’t thank GSR-Music, Reality Records and Soulseek Records enough for all the work they did and all the work they will be doing in the future.

So say we all,


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