Summer update

Summer’s almost over, I think it is already over if you look outside, the weather is just horrible. Oh well, we had a blast this summer, we played a bunch of awesome shows and festivals and had the chance to play with some great bands again like Cro-mags, Agnostic Front, Converge, Sworn Enemy, Strength Approach, All For Nothing, Death Before Dishonor, Amenra, … . We want to thank everybody who came out and supported us by buying a shirt, a cd or by moshing and stagediving. We loved it!

This weekend we’re playing our last shows of this summer. One in Cologne Germany with the almighty AF and then the Vlamrock Festival in Belgium. First Blood, No Turning Back, Confronto and our friends in Diablo Blvd. are some of the other bands playing on that festival, so be there and destroy the place.

Currently we have started the writing process of our follow up album. We will focus on writing a new album in the next couple of months so be on the lookout for more news. Keep your eyes open!

Expect some new merch soon, we will also be restocking some stuff that people keep asking for. And last but not least, there finally will be stickers again. You can get them on one condition: We want to see them all over the place! Spread that shit!!

In the meanwhile be siked for the new Terror album “Keepers of the faith”, it will hit the streets in October. Same for the new Madball album “Empire”!


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