The Torchbearer cometh 2

Dear friends,

We revealed another teaser vid for our upcoming album ‘Torchbearer’ which will be available in June on GSR.  Check it out. We will put an mp3 on line in the next couple of weeks. You can check out the artwork here. The tracklist will be as follows:

  1. torchbearer
  2. hostile eyes
  3. dust of ages
  4. misanthrope
  5. awake
  6. tonight
  7. the curse
  8. collaboration starts
  9. one of wolves
  10. drown & sink
  11. another heresy
  12. endnote: the rising

A release show is being organized as we speak, we’re working out a cool line-up, so stay put for that. It is planned for the end of May, don’t make any other plans!

We’re eager to play the new songs live and are already planning them into our set, siked! Also check out Jacob Olsen’s website. He’s the dude that recorded our album and created the sheer brutality that will be known as ‘torchbearer’:

Last weekend was cool playing some shows in Germany and Belgium with Reign Supreme, CDC, Born From Pain, War From a Harlots Mouth and Walls of Jericho. Reign Supreme is currently touring with 50 Lions, don’t be lazy, go and check ’em out. A personal revelation for me this weekend was War From A Harlots Mouth, metalcore with some crazy influences in the mix. This is gonna be huge, mark my words. Don’t sleep on this!

DRA Entertainment will take care of the vinyl release of our Crawl & Reign EP. We’re taking care of the layout for the 7 inch this week.

That’s it for now! Stay true!


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