After three very hectic weeks, the first part in promoting our new record is over and goddamn, it was amazing. Being on the road with clevelands finest for almost a week was definitely one of the coolest experiences in the history of this band. We therefore wish to thank the best dudes for the great week. Moreover, we were very touched by the overwhelming response we got at the Groezrock Fest. We appreciated it very much. For some reason, we still feel very weird when things like that happen.
We also like to thank Piek and Tash for the very cool release-party in Bruges. Together with our friends in Provided, Black Heart Rebellion and the mighty Amen Ra, it was more than just another show and while I’m writing this, I’m still tired because of the 5 shows we played in the Uk with our boys in Think it Through and our new found Brothers in The 7th Cross. All you metalcoreheads should check out that band. They’re gonna get huge, mark my words. In the near future, you can expect some tour reports about that, completed with all kinds of pictures.

Nevertheless, the record will officially come out next Wednesday. Therefore, we have another release-party this Saturday. We hope to see a lot of familiar faces because we think it’s gonna be an awesome show with one of Europe’s best hardcore bands No Turning Back on the bill together with Sparkle of Hope and Think it Through. The entrance cost is low and word on the street is that the notorious “Cosby” will be behind the bar. For those who don’t know Cosby, he’s like willow meets Webster meets the singer of Coheed and Cambria, so you better be there.

Furthermore we are very proud that Reality records from Belgium will release the pretense of normality on vinyl. It’s hard to describe how stoked we are for that and we are extremely grateful that the people at reality will take care of this. You can expect a nice gatefold package but we keep you posted on that.

That’s it for now. Be on the lookout for the new website. It will be online somewhere next week. In the meantime keep on checking the shows-section. We have a whole lot of new shows coming up. There’s also another tour coming up at the end of September with The Power & The Glory but more about that in a few weeks. We also have some interviews on the radio next week. On Monday we will be guests on Radio FM Brussels and on Tuesday we will present the new record on Studio Brussels. More details about that somewhere this week.

Next show: this friday with The Maple Room, Bourbon for Roses @ Panic d’O, Mechelen.


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