The official statement:
Conspiracy Bookings is proud to announce a 5-day European Tour of Cleveland’s most vile and destructive hardcore metal band RINGWORM. Joining Ringworm on this short tour will be Belgium’s THE SETUP, who will be releasing their debut full length “The Pretense Of Normality” on GSR records in May.

The more I read it, the happier I get. Honestly, a tour with the mighty Ringworm, imagine that. Mad Respect to our good friend Jan Vermeerbergen for hooking us up.

Moreover, we get the chance to play the prestigious Groez Rock-festival on Saturday the 30th of April.

All this will probabaly be the beginning of some extensive touring and playing shows in order to support our upcoming release on GSR.

Like it’s stated above, we found ourselves a title for the album. “The Pretense of Normality” will be the name and I know it’ s a mouth full and you youngsters better start reading some books instead of drawing some forbidden signs on walls, but this title covers it all.

That’s it for now..next weekend we’re playing Hardcore at the Attic with some labelmates and other good bands so you’ll know what to do.

Kind Regards


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