It’s been a while since our last update. However a lot of things happened.

First of all, we ended the Born From Pain-First Blood tour with nothing but good memories. This tour was definitely the biggest tour we’ve done in the existence of the band and we can’t thank Born From Pain enough for this opportunity. Moreover, it was a blast hanging out with 37 Stabwoundz, Samaritan and First Blood, because let’s face it, you’re only 30 minutes on stage and the rest of the time it’s all about decent hangouts. Dries is working on some tour-report, so be on the lookout for that.

For now we’re in a pleasant “weekend-show”- routine. This Saturday, we play Puntpop with the mighty Napalm Death and Born From Pain and later that evening we’re honoured to play the Rafflesia Release show, so needless to say we’re looking forward to this weekend.

We’re also confirmed to play this year’s Hellfest and Dour Festival, so it’s nice to see our efforts are paying off and we can’t tell you enough how stoked we are to play these shows.

Furthermore, we’re working on some new tours, but more news about that in a few weeks.

We also want to thank all the people that already bought Minister of Death. Without you guys, I’m not saying we would be nothing, but it definitely makes it all a lot more fun!

It’s also cool we got raving reviews and for those who read Dutch Magazines, there are some features about us in both Aardschok and Rock Tribune, so check it out.

Also, make sure you pick up that split 7″ we did with Zero Mentality. Hopefully, we will have some copies soon. Ben Fink from Zero Mentality did a great job on the layout and there’s also some nice golden wax for those collectors out there.

Last but not least, we can also tell you that Eye Spy Records re-released the Nine Kinds of Pain mini-cd. It was sold out a long time ago, so if you want to know how it all started for TSU, don’t hesitate and pick that shit up!

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