V is for Visa and W is for Westwijk

October is coming to an end so this means two things: First of all, we’ve finished playing a hell of a lot shows this past 4 weeks and secondly our friends in The Power and The Glory are playing their last show this weekend in Kontich, Lintfabriek. It’s your last chance to see this incredible band before they go back home don’t miss out on this!
Talking about TPATG, let me take the opportunity to say that we had an awesome time with them on the road. It was all about Born Against shirts, 4 dollar guitar strings, the bone church, little bitch, Hull, The Hartlepool Monkey and Sean Poo, and it was worth it! Obviously, we met lots of new people, played some very good shows and visited some very interested places. Therefore, we want to thank Sam”sterdam” and Kevin for booking this tour.

And we stay on the wonderful island that is the UK: we had a great time at this year’s Ninjafest! It’s so cool to see some of the friends we made the last two years representing upfront. Needless to say, this fest is truly remarkable. Once again, May, Louise and Rachel.we can’t thank you enough! Also a big shout out to Seb and the nice people in Dornbirn, Austria for giving us a nice welcome back and an amazing show.

More great news! It’s with great joy that we can announce the historical landmark in this band’s history, namely the arrival of the Gatefold vinyl-version of The Pretense of Normality. If you scroll down for like half an hour, you probably find an entry where we said that it would be out soon, well I guess we were wrong. Due to acts of God, misprints, shady Black Metal bands and other malfunctions, it took us more than 4 months to get it, but for those who still care.it’s finally there! Everybody that will be at the Bane/Comeback Kid/FC Five/TSU show in Kontich will be able to get a hold of a copy. We have a limited amount on white vinyl, so you know what to do. We’ll keep you posted about what we’re going to do with the misprints because everybody that already saw the misprints insisted on getting one.

Concerning the near future, as you can see somewhere else on this website, we have two shows this weekend with The Power and The glory. On Saturday we play a nice festival in Tilburg with our friends in Amen Ra, Omission, Trouble Loves Us and Brabant’s finest No Turning Back. So, maybe we’ll see you there.

Anyway, to end al this with the commercial break: The mighty Officer Jones has released its first album “Memorial”. Pick it up. It’s really, really good and if you don’t like it, it’s always cool to have it.

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