The dawn of a new beginning

The dawn of a new beginning

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Looking back at 2007 made us realise we had by far the most interesting year in the history of this band so It’s easy to remember the highlights of these last 12 months. First there was the new record, then we did the best tour of our lives with the mighty Born From Pain and summertime was all about playing some really cool festivals all over Europe.

Unfortunately, the end of 2007 also brought us some difficult news when Dries decided to quit this band. Difficult for both him and the rest of us, because we know it was a hard decision for him to make. We can’t thank him enough for making this band, the band it is today. There’s no doubt his presence will be missed. You can read his goodbye statement here.

Nevertheless, this decision forced us to reconsider the future of this band. Replacing the face of a band is not an easy thing to do, but the love for this band and the love for this music and above all the feelings that we still have things to say, motivated us to find a new singer. Those who know this band, know that The Setup has always been very serious about everything it does, so if we thought for a minute we could not pull this off, we would not continue as a band. Therefore, it’s with great pleasure we announce our new singer Kris Deweerdt. Kris used to sing for Officer Jones AHPCP. Him being a longtime friend of the band and having a charismatic personality on stage, convinced us he was the man for the job.

Kris will play his first show on march 15th in the UK.

Everyone who has seen us these last couple of months will know Michiel from Fallen was filling in on bass. It is with great joy we can announce that he will be joining us as a permanent member. He’s a great guy and an amazing bassplayer so we’re really looking forward recording and writing songs with him.

So it seems we finally have a solid line-up again, we can’t wait to cause mayhem across Europe with this line-up. Our first act of devastation will be a new EP we’re going to release on GSR Music. The recordings are scheduled for April with a release date somewhere in May. We’ll keep you posted about that.

Last but not least, we’re working on a farewell show with Dries and you can expect some info on this real soon.

So say we all,

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