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TSU status report

Dear all, 2008 is almost over and for us it has been a demanding year with a lot of changes inside the band and some personal turmoils some of us had to deal with. We postponed all our tourplans from the last couple of months because Kris his mother was terminally ill and we wanted […]

New ep coming out

Everybody In our last update, we already said that we were working on two last shows with Dries. The first show is scheduled for the 2nd of May in Mol-Wezel(B) at the PC. Other bands on the bill are Teenage Lust, Rhythm to the Madness, Union Town, Rafflesia & Fallen. You can check the flyer […]

The dawn of a new beginning

The dawn of a new beginning Looking back at 2007 made us realise we had by far the most interesting year in the history of this band so It’s easy to remember the highlights of these last 12 months. First there was the new record, then we did the best tour of our lives with […]

Old Fuckin’ Diver

Hello kiddos, It’s time for a small update from your favorite euros. This fall we have been planning to start working on some new songs. The first riffs are being written and we are looking forward writing new songs. As soon as some songs are finished we’ll be giving them a try live. But that […]

When it rains, it pours

So what they call summer (when it rains it pours..) is gone and autumn is upon us, guess it’s time for a round-up! We played some really cool festivals the last few months (Dour, Hellfest, With Full Force, Ieperfest,…), did a small week-tour in Germany where we played shows with Walls Of Jericho and Hatebreed […]


It’s been a while since our last update. However a lot of things happened. First of all, we ended the Born From Pain-First Blood tour with nothing but good memories. This tour was definitely the biggest tour we’ve done in the existence of the band and we can’t thank Born From Pain enough for this […]

Minister of Death Released

Everybody After a weekend full of amazing release-shows, one can only be grateful to everybody who made all this happen. It was definitely the kind of welcome every band hopes for so you can all be damn sure we will remember this for a very long time. Thanks to Zero Mentality, Break and Enter, Pushed […]

The war has started

Everybody The Born From Pain/First Blood/The Setup tour has officially started. So good times are ahead. The next couple of days we will be driving on Uk-soil and hopefully we will see some familiar faces. Thanks to all the people that showed up on all our other shows in Februray. It’s appreciated.

Minister of Death

Welcome to the brand new website of your favourite band. Thanks to Raf, we could keep this in house, which probably saved us enough money to buy a small van, something we also should consider doing in the near future. Anyway, 2007 will be a busy year for us. The next 12 months will be […]


Welcome to this third and final update about our days in the studio. As we speak, we’re finishing and mixing the last tracks and it’s almost unbelievable it’s already more than 5 weeks ago when we started recording. It may come as no surprise we once again sweat blood and let me tell you it’s […]

Hello Everybody

28.09.2006 – Hello Everybody A quick update about our first days in the studio and I ‘m proud to announce that there were no problems during the first days, we recorded drums. Serch did a good job at the CCR studio’s and all the drumtracks were easily recorded during the time that was scheduled. 11 […]


With the summer holidays coming to an end we’re also approaching the date where we’re gonna hit the studio to record our new full length. Within 6 weeks we’ll be entering the CCR studio’s to record the drums and the following weeks will be used to record the other parts, which will be done in […]